Alternative HRT Claims: Wild Yam

Alternative HRT Claims: Wild Yam

 Following a recent workshop event held for nutritionists, we were asked about our awareness of the various claims made about this product in its various retail forms, together with its ability to help with the menopause in particular.

The nutritionists stated that in general, they find that the bulk of products are produced and / or distributed in the USA where they are marketed for a variety of health benefits that also include pain relief and as an aid to digestion.

What’s In Wild Yam?

Wild Yam contains a chemical called diosgenin that be made into various steroids, but ONLY in a laboratory. To date, no one has identified any way that the human body can make this conversion, so any products on the market will more than likely be synthetic.

The WedMD site currently lists wild yam creams as “possible ineffective” for menopause symptoms:

Any Yam products described as natural is therefore very unlikely have anything in them that can help with menopause.  Whilst describing themselves as “natural” since it’s derived from a plant, some products may be laced with synthetic hormones. This may not be what you want to put into your body if you are looking for an alternative to HRT or other medical drugs.  Check ingredient lists to see what else may be present and its country of manufacture.

Would I Use Wild Yam ?



Due to various Yam products containing other herbs which themselves have a hormonal effect in the body, they are not recommended for woman:

  1. Having a history/family history of Cancer (including abnormal cells) of the breast, endometrium/uterus, cervix, ovaries.
  2. With fibroids, endometriosis or heavy bleeding.
  3. Who is or may be pregnant

As always, if you have any medical condition, please consult with your medical practitioner or pharmacist before taking any Yam Products.