BLOOD IN MY SYRINGE!! Is Aspirating Necessary for Testosterone Injections?

So admittedly this has been a week for posting Noah videos but he does such a fantastic job of covering really important topics.  Noah mentions in the video he was never given instructions on how to aspirate prior to injecting Testosterone Cypionate intramuscularly. I think the same is true of most TRT users and that includes myself. The first few shots my wife gave me never involved aspirating. After a few Youtube videos and some painful injections I decided to give Mom a call (A nurse by trade) and ask for some advice. She graciously agreed to watch my wife stick a needle in my backside and provide a few tips. (Stretching the skin before hand does wonders to alleviate that initial prick to almost no feeling at all)  The first thing she mentioned was “make sure to aspirate!” something neither one of us knew.

So what is asperating? Asperating is the simple step of ensuring you haven’t hit a blood vessel. After injecting the needle into your muscle you simply pull back on the plunger a little and ensure no blood enters the syringe. If all is clear, continue on giving the dose as normal. However if you find blood you should remove the needle and start again. Simple as that! This prevents and ensures you don’t accidently injection Testosterone directly into your bloodstream.


  • James Bergholt Posted November 11, 2016 1:28 am

    First let me say your very interesting to watch and informative. I have a quick question. Do u have to or is it best 🙁 inject test into your buttock. I understood you could do it in your outter thigh. Am I misinformed? Any info greatly appreciated.


  • Bruce Younger Posted January 26, 2017 12:39 pm

    When my doctor was providing instruction on injecting, the only thing I was warned about injecting into a blood vessel was that the testosterone is a time released therapy and the bloodstream is not where you want the testosterone to be delivered to.
    If you inject it into the bloodstream you will not receive the full dosage as prescribed. Basically, you will have wasted the injection. Since the testosterone is directly in the bloodstream the body will metabolize and distribute the testosterone faster than planned, leaving you without equal distribution during injections. Thus the deep tissue injection. It stays in the body for a much longer period of time because it is slowly absorbed by the surrounding tissues, rather than being flushed away by the bloodstream. This is what I was told by my doctor. That is my only resource to support this answer.

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