How to inject Testosterone (TRT) into your glutes

How to inject Testosterone (TRT) into your glutes

Picture1If you’ve chosen to use Testosterone Cypionate rather than a gel or cream you’re going to have to inject the Test. intramuscularly. While there are a couple different muscle groups you can choose, I personally inject into my glutes, more specifically the gluteus medius. When done correctly, it’s almost painless…almost. Testosterone is a syrup like substance and depending on your dose will feel like you’re injecting concrete into your butt. Don’t worry though, it gets easier over time.  The most important thing to note about injecting into your glutes is the presence of the sciatic nerve. You DO NOT want to hit this nerve. Doing so will render you in a world of pain and likely bed rest for a while.

With that said, so long as you’re careful and following the diagram and video shown on this page, you’ll do just fine. I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years and while I’ve had some “oh crap” moments, I’ve never caused any short or long term damage. (The first time is always a doozy!) If you screw it up or get nervous sit down, take a breather and start over. Let’s get started:

What you’ll need:

  • A syringe. I use a 23 gauge.
  • A bottle of doctor prescribed testosterone
  • A couple of alcohol pads
  • Cleaned washed hands
  • A band aid if you accidently draw a little blood. (While my daughter hasn’t witnessed my injections, she knows “Daddy gets butt shots” and usually provides me with a dora bandaid. I rock it occasional with pride.

Step 1: Remove your bottle of Test. remove the cap if present and clean the surface area with an alcohol pad. This ensures you don’t contaminate the needle while drawing out the Test.

Step 2: Remove your syringe from it’s packaging and note your doctor recommended dosage (….dosage may vary). You’ll want to pull in x ML’s of air before you draw out your Testosterone serum. For example if you’re dosage is .5ml, then draw in .5ml of air by pulling back on the plunger. The vial of serum is vacuum sealed so you need to displace the serum coming out with equal amounts of air. After you’ve done this, push the needle into the bottle, expel the air and pull back on the plunger until you’ve reached the correct dosage. Be patient, it may take a moment for the Testosterone to come out of the vial given its viscosity. Once you’ve got the correct dosage remove the needle from the bottle, pull back on the plunger and “flick” out any air bubbles. Almost everyone has seen this done in the movies, it should come natural. Push up on the plunger, remove excess air and you’re ready to go. (Don’t worry about their being a few small air bubbles. They are harmless)

Step 3: Find the injection site using the diagram above. I had the nurse at my local doctor’s office show me how to do this, if you find it to difficult to do it yourself most clinics will do it for you for a small fee. TIP:  Imagine you’re the guy from dirty dancing and you’re pulling the girl in from her hips. Now do the same thing to yourself. With your thumb placed on your glutes try to locate your gluteus medius. Walk around while you’re doing it, it won’t’ take long before you feel the muscle moving. This is where you want to inject the needle.

Step 4: Once you’ve found your injection site, wipe it down with your alcohol pad. “Clean it like you mean it” in a circular motion start from the center of the injection site and work your way outwards. Now that the area is clean it’s time to inject. Stretch the skin with your left hand using your thumb and middle finger. (Or whatever feels most comfortable) Once the skin is stretched, push the needle into your muscle and be sure to push it in all the way. If you stretch your skin well enough you won’t feel the needle at all. (You can stop stretching the skin after the needle has been inserted)

Aspirate! To aspirate simply pull back on the plunger a little and check for blood. If blood is visible, remove and start again. What we’re doing here is ensuring you don’t inject into a vein. I’ve never done it personally.

That’s it! Remove the syringe and optionally apply your manly band aid.

It will take a few goes to really get the hang of it but it’ll become second nature in no time. The hardest part is getting the courage to inject. Take all the time you need. With that said visually seeing something done is almost always easier to understand.