TRT & High Estrogen – Why you really need to try splitting your dosage

TRT & High Estrogen – Why you really need to try splitting your dosage

If you’ve followed my other posts, you know estrogen control has been a nightmare for me. At one point it was so bad my weight had gone from 215lbs to 230lbs. I was craving sugar, I was bloating and had moon face to such an extreme I almost didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I had returned from a business trip to China and after getting off the plane and saw my wife’s face go from happy to worried. She asked “Did you have an allergic reaction to something?”

The answer was no. I felt horrible. It was embarrassing, I couldn’t think straight, it was affecting my work. At this point I’d tried almost everything: Arimidex .25mg every couple days, less salt, more water yada yada. I was about to just give up. This was getting ridiculous.

Earlier this year I was on about 200mg of Test. Cyp a week w/ .25mg Arimidex twice a week. (Arimidex when overused leads to some dark places…If your taking more than .50mg a week on 200mg of Test. stop it.) Back to the night I returned from China… I put my kids to bed, my wife went to sleep and I went researching again. 4…hours worth. (By the way I highly recommend Peak Testosterone as another great source of info)

On a number of occasions I’d seen users online suggest splitting up your dosage. I honestly couldn’t fathom why this would work. Additionally the idea of taking twice as many shots a week just wasn’t sitting well with me. After all… I just needed to adjust my ARimidex one more time right? The AI is the magic answer! No, it’s not.  That stuff is horrible. I honestly think the only time it’s really applicable is when you’re taking really high doses of Testosterone.

Here’s what I did – I think I’m finally at my sweet spot.

I decided to change 3 things the next day.

  1. Diet – I know, this one sucks. But hear me out. I love food. I’m not naturally the go out kick some ass at the gym kind of guy. I’d rather run just enough to make me feel better then chow down on a burrito. But I know Estrogen needs fat to convert and I figure at least some small diet changes might help. I ordered some empty “Bento” boxes off Amazon. I made a promise to myself that I’d at least eat two salads per day with some fruit. Nothing earth shaking here, just a step in the right direction. My self-made bento box usually included a Salad (Spinach, Raisins, boiled egg, peas, corn and a little feta cheese. It’s not the tastiest thing in the world, but I enjoy it. I hate salad dressing so bonus), Fruit (any kind) and finally a little cut up lunch meat. Look I know the diet junkies are rolling their eyes but that small step forward has led to some serious diet changes and more importantly, it taught me portion control. Over eating one of my bento boxes (2 back to back instead of one) still ended up equalling half the calories I would have consumed chowing down on 20 pizza rolls. Try a small change that works for you. At the very least you’ll feel better..
  2. I lowered my Testosterone Dosage – I did this without letting my doctor know. (I’m not advising you do this, I’m just letting you know what I choose to do) You’re probably wondering why. After that night I had almost decided to give up completely on TRT. I stopped taking everything. Not the wisest move. But here’s what happened… three days later my water weight was dropping, my bloating went down, I started to feel better. (Great, who needs TRT!) 5-7 days later I was almost back to normal! My face looked better, erections were strong, sex drive was back in full swing. It was like night and day. 10 days+- later…. Crash. I’ve heard about this… it…is…horrible. I could feel the depression coming on, I couldn’t think and I was tired. Normally things I enjoyed doing (working on the computer, playing the piano, spending time with the kids) all became uninteresting. I just wanted to sit in a corner…. It wasn’t a good situation. I decided I needed to take a shot. For whatever reason I decided to take .6ml instead of the usual 1ml. This is about 125mg of Test +- (It’s too early in the morning to math) within a day or so I was feeling much better. Next the most important decision I made….
  3. The best decision I’ve made so far. I started to split my dosage – The whole point of this article – I split my dosage and you should try too. Remember above when I said I’d read 4 hours online? I can’t count how many times I’d read to split up the dosage. “Meh”, I thought.

    So the idea behind this is that when you take a large shot, the excess testosterone your body doesn’t needs converts into Estrogen. By splitting up your dose, you’re closer to micking what your body naturally does. And that is – give you just the right amount of testosterone you need. By cutting down that large single dose, your cutting it in half and in theory, giving your body less Testosterone to convert into estrogen. Look I’m no scientist and you really need to look outside this blog to understand the dynamics of this method but it’s really worked for me. We’re talking almost a complete 360. I’m now taking .3ml (From a 2000mg 10ml bottle which is 200mg per 1 ml) every 4 days on the dot. (I did try 3 days but 4 days sits better with me personally). That’s about .6ml per week, or roughly 125mg of test +-. I keep track of this using Google Calendar (I just asked Google Now to remind me to take my injection every 4 days) The slightly lower dose and the change to half injections every 4 days has eliminated my bloating completely, I’ve gone from 230lbs to 209lbs in just a couple months, my sex drive is strong, my energy is great (nothing superhuman, just what I’d consider normal), mood swings are almost non existent and as my kids have mentioned “Daddy’s back to normal now” (essh…those words hit hard)

Thing is, my blood tests now show that my Test levels are around 400. Lower than before I adjusted my dose, but I’m symptom free. I think we get so focused on trying to raise our Test. and lower your estrogen we forget the point really is to feel “normal.” So if you’ve tried everything else, give it go. Admittedly, taking two shots every 8 days blows, but you know what, it’s completely worth ridding of all those side effects. I feel better than I have in months if not years. I’m back to working like normal, going out for a run every other day and most important…keeping the wife happy. (In more ways than one)

Do you split your dose, if so has this worked for you? What’s been your experience?

Update 6/15/2017:  I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the decision to split my dosage to twice a week from once. Best decision ever! Granted, it’s more of a hassle now to take injections every 4 days but I’ve been doing it for months. My energy levels are normal, sex drive is strong and my E2 tests always come back great. I’ve had less to write about on the blog simply because most of the symptoms that inspired me to start this website have gone. I still highly encourage you to try it out. It may take a week or two to feel normal again, but for me this decision has more than paid off. Naturally you’ll need to follow your own dosage guidelines.