Side Effect Management: High Estradiol

Side Effect Management: High Estradiol

If you’ve already started your testosterone therapy you might be completely unaware of a potential side effect: Estradiol. If you haven’t run into issues yet, consider yourself lucky but be prepared. Estrogen and testosterone are two closely related and are only slightly different in their chemical structure. An enzyme called aromatase aids in converting testosterone into estrogen. Research indicates that certain cells in the testis, including those destined to become sperm, contain the aromatase enzyme and produce estrogen. Other cells that make testosterone in the testis, called Leydig cells, are also believed to make some estrogen. Although the amount of circulating estrogen in males is low compared to females (usually 40ng’s or lower) the testis itself contains a relatively high concentration of the hormone because it is made in that organ.

The effects of high estradiol in your system can lead to a host of nasty side effects that can counteract the benefits of TRT. These side effects can include loss of muscle mass, extreme fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction and raised body fat. In my own therapy high E2 levels have been the greatest challenge and it wasn’t until later on I was even aware this would become an issue. Until recently I had E2 levels as high as 249. I can’t begin to explain the havoc this takes on your body as man. It’s a horrible experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Aromatase is found most prevalently in fat cells, so the more body fat a man has, especially in the midsection, the more aromatase and hence the more estrogen. It’s vital that your doctor tests your estrogen levels a few months into therapy to ensure your numbers aren’t to high. Ideally you should be around 40ng. High estrogen in men can be corrected through the use of Aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex. It should be noted that many general practitioners have limited expertise in this area and are often hesitant to prescribe AI’s.

That doesn’t mean estrogen should be treated as a negative substance in your body, in fact it’s a vital part of your hormone system. Estrogen made in the testis has an important role in the efferent ductules, which are tiny ducts attached to the testis that transport sperm to another duct, the epididymis, where they are stored until ejaculation. These ductules also absorb fluid that accompanies the sperm, an important function that helps keep pressure in the testis at a proper level. Specialized cells lining the ductules respond to estrogen by taking up fluid and transferring it into blood vessels in the ductule walls.

Additionally Estrogen plays a vital role in brain function, male fertility and bone density.

In the video I’ve posted below Nelson Vergel (Excel Male’s Founder) mentions While I haven’t used that site in particular I have used other discount blood test websites to obtain my own readings in between doctor’s visits. When I had no health insurance it was an absolute life saver. (A typical E2 test can run a cash price of $300. These discount sites can usually bring you in closer to $65 bucks for a complete T Level and E2 workup)